Stretching beaches, reliable summer sun, steep hills, a cable car, and the iconic Table Mountain in the middle of the city makes Cape Town a popular vacation spot for families from all over the world. it is ranked as the number one international tourist destination, not only in South Africa, but Africa. Just like any other destination, arranging an epic family holiday in Cape Town requires quite a bit of planning and prepping so that you can know what to look out for and get the most out of family time spent together. These eight tips will make it easier to prepare for your family holiday trip to Cape Town.

Plan and budget for maximum fun

Going off on a spontaneous trip can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to family travel, especially when there are kids involved, it’s better not to take a chance. Secure the whole family’s buy-in by brainstorming a fun itinerary that caters for the varying interests of young infants or toddlers, high-energy primary schoolers, self-conscious teens, or extended family members. There are loads to see and do in Cape Town and the surrounding areas – boat trips, helicopter rides, wildlife, sea animals, a vibrant nightlife – and having a plan means you can and see more as well as stay within your budget. Involving children in the holiday planning is also an excellent opportunity to discuss basic safety, airport processes and

Avoid immigration and airport holdups


South Africa have strict requirements in place for children travelling to and from South Africa that may include of consent from both parents, birth certificates for children and proof of guardianship in some cases. This documents is in addition to those that are standard for international travel. Find out what documents you need on the South African Government’s website .

Find Family Friendly accommodation

Family rooms are ideal if you want to share a room with smaller children, while teens might need space for themselves. Booking separate sleeping areas for children will free you up to read a book, have a drink or go to sleep without waiting for the kids to do so. You can only really call it a holiday if you can pretend you don’t know that the kids are watching movies till midnight, dropping biscuit crumbs all over their beds and falling asleep with their shoes on. Rooms furnished with a kitchenette are handy to prepare cereal and packed lunches or make a bottle for baby. Most teens are satisfied with just food, water, Wi-Fi and access to a pool.

Pack something soothing

A comfort object like a favourite toy or blanket will go a long way to reassure children when they explore unfamiliar surroundings. Teddy can also have a soothing effect in unexpected stressful situations.

sun screen protecton for cape town beachesTake care of your skin

The sun is out almost 70% percent of the time in Cape Town. However, sunscreen is one of those products that you don’t need to bloat your luggage, except for an initial tube, with as there are enough retail outlets in South Africa that sells popular brands of suncare products.

Keep the family safe

Cape Town is a city of stark contrasts with one of the most unequal societies in the world, partly due to the grim apartheid heritage. Although there are lots of things to see and places to visit, there are also specific places to avoid. The vast majority of South Africans live in densely populated areas called townships, and while it offers opportunities to experience the true spirit of South Africa in a unique and inspiring way, the only safe way to do so is to go on a “Township Tour”. These are run by specialised tour agencies that will take you to specific locations that they know are safe and where tourists will feel welcomed. Hotels and Guesthouses are also an excellent source of safety information.

Look after your health

Cape Town boasts world class medical facilities with a network of both government funded and private hospitals. Retail pharmacies can be found in most neighbourhoods and many offer a delivery service. If you or your children suffers from allergies or any other chronic condition, getting the medial assistance you need will be so much easier if you have a letter from your doctor describing the condition, the medication that is prescribed, as well as generic alternatives.

…When it’s for adults only

During your Cape Town holiday, you might experience the need for some “adult time”. There are several services in Cape Town that provide child sitting services specifically geared for the tourist market. One such service, Holiday Nannies, entertains children with story reading, face painting, dressing up, art and crafts, games, puzzles and educational activities.

Kloof Nek Suites Holiday Apartments in Cape Town is the ideal base for a family holiday adventure. Pubs and restaurants, a craft market, an historic convent and even a working Chocolaterie, Table Mountain hiking trails in the immediate vicinity as well as onsite Wi-Fi, swimming pool provides plenty of activities and entertainment for all age groups and interests. The friendly desk staff desk will gladly help you to arrange family friendly activities and services to make sure that you enjoy a well-oiled vacation