self catering accommodation cape town

Self-catering holiday rooms or apartments are often more affordable than all-inclusive hotel packages. The narrow definition of self-catering accommodation is holiday quarters that consists of clean, comfortable suites, apartments or cottages that is equipped to allow guests to prepare and cook their own meals.

However, the ideal self-catering accommodation will offer everything a traveller will need to stay entertained, relax, recuperate and connect with the world before and after a day of business or adventure, without the limitations and schedules of all-inclusive hotel stays. Guests who prefer to have their own contained space, set their own schedule and require a little extra privacy will find self-catering is just the type of accommodation they need for their holiday.

We’ve found three compelling reasons why travellers should consider self-catering for a holiday in Cape Town.

  • Self-catering is ideal when you want the flexibility to come and go as you please without feeling obligated to take part in arranged activities. This flexibility can help you budget as you can choose to nip back to your self-catering lodge for lunch after a morning outing, pack your own lunch for a daytrip and be assured that you don’t pay for any meals that you miss. It gives you the freedom to be as adventurous as you want to while staying in control of your budget.

  • Spend your holiday money on experiences by taking food out of your accommodation cost. Self-catering is a great choice if you do not plan to eat out regularly, have special dietary requirements or want to save money by buying food in local shops and supermarkets. All-inclusive accommodation tends to have extras included in the price that you may not use, such as snacks and branded soft drinks.

  • Privacy is a major benefit of self-catering. It can be a lot of fun meeting new families in an all-inclusive hotel, but sometimes we don’t want to spend so much time in the company of several hundred other holidaymakers. Self-catering cottages, apartments and suites gives you with the luxury of your own peaceful turf for some quiet meals and alone time. In South Africa, most self-catering accommodation facilities have both indoor and outdoor communal spaces such as living rooms, gardens and swimming pools, should you feel the need to mingle.

Even the most determined adventurers have a limit to the level of convenience they care to leave behind during a holiday. Tea and coffee making facilities, internet and Wi-Fi, a variety of tv channels, access to a computer, on premise housekeeper and safe parking are all elements that add to a well-oiled holiday, even if they are not on top of the priorities when planning one.

kloofnek suites cape townKloof Nek Suites Self-Catering Holiday Apartments in Cape Town is an example of a self-catering homestead that offers a fine balance between convenience and flexibility. Set in a neighbourhood that includes a pubs and restaurants, a craft market, an historic convent and even a working Chocolaterie, your immersive holiday experience can start the moment you put your bags down.

Back at the base the guest suites offer all the space that you would normally expect of self-catering quarters, including a living area, equipped kitchenette, and bathroom. The suites include double rooms and family rooms that sleeps up to four people. A communal computer, wi-fi and satellite TV ensures you are connected for entertainment or business, while mountain and harbour views, swimming pool and garden allows you to make the best of your time when not out and about.

Opting for a self-catering breakaway in Cape Town gives families and single travellers alike have the opportunity to exchange an ordinary holiday into a transformative journey that is wholly their own when the pre-packaged brochures and app generated itineraries are set aside. While other accommodation establishments like hotels try to keep their guests on the premises to maximise revenue, self-catering facilities gives them the freedom and flexibility to explore local experiences and really get beneath the surface of the city.